UL Certification guarantees you a highly respected standard

of quality and safety you and your customers can trust.

UL Certification Color Strip


Latitude Graphics is a UL authorized printer and we have many UL recognized label constructions. Underwriters Laboratories tests label constructions to ensure legibility of the label and that the graphic overlay or decal stays adhered to the finished product. We are certified to print the UL mark and to produce both Type L and Type R labels. Our constructions have passed the UL 969 marking and labeling systems testing standards. These tests include substrate type, temperatures and exposure conditions. Our label constructions are also continuously inspected during audits performed by a UL field representative and ongoing testing of production samples at the UL laboratories.

UL Underwriters Laboratories Logo

Latitude Graphics, LLC is a UL authorized label supplier. So you can be assured that  the UL label we produce for your product has the correct certification mark and is printed in compliance with UL requirements.

You can find more information about our authorized label suppliers at  www.ul.com. Our authorized label supplier file number is PGAA.LP2025. Our PGDQ2 file number (for marking and labeling systems component) is MH25488.

For more information about Underwriters Laboratories.

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