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Pad Printing

Pad Printing is an indirect intaglio process where the etched image on a flat plate is tilled with ink by a 'spatula' or wiper, the excess ink wiped off by a doctor blade, leaving ink only In the etched image. This ink is then picked up by a silicone rubber pad
and transferred to the product surface.

The etched image can vary from .0005" to .0015", by exposure of a film positive to the sensitized surface of a Nylopolymer or steel plate.

The pad is basically a silicone rubber compound, molded to geometrically determined shapes. In order to transfer images with the minimum peripheral distortion onto flat or curved surfaces. Being elastic the pad shapes itself to the product surface. The pad shape usually relates to the image size and product shape. The pads are made in many shapes, contours and densities to accommodate a multiplicity of product forms.

A basic range of about eight pads offer excellent printing onto approximately 90% of the printed products shown here. Many articles can be printed relatively cheaply, and in many cases very profitably by comparison with traditional processes. With a manual machine, printing rates of up to 600 units or prints per hour are attainable.


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