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 Screen Imaging System

Computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging is dramatically changing the way we make screens for screen printing, similar to how photo emulsions changed the process years ago.

Prior to the introduction of photo emulsions, stencils for screen making were hand cut to allow ink to pass through the open areas of the mesh. Next came light sensitive photo emulsions that required film positives to expose the screen.

Today, films still are widely used, but CTS imaging is eliminating the need to make film positives for screen making altogether.

Utilizing a digitally controlled mirror device manufactured by Texas Instrument, the DLE screen imaging system images and exposes the screen directly from computer-to-screen.

A Digital Mirror Device (DMD) modulates an ultra-high powerUV light source with image data using up to 800,000 micro mirrors. While the DMD moves over the screen in sequence, the data scrolls continuously and results in perfectly seamless image production. As each of the mirrors represents one pixel, high speeds are possible and the imaging quality is exceptionally high. Resolutions of up to 1,000 dpi are possible.

This is a screen making system that's also easy on the environment.


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